With over 35 years of experience and a roster of seasoned land professionals across the country, CLS Group has become one of the leaders in the industry nationwide.

Oil & Gas Services

CLS Group relys on a proven system that provides our clients with the information they need in an accurate, timely, and accessible product, we're able to provide our clients with their own personal management and support team tailored to their individual needs. And with offices in or near every major oil & gas play in the U.S., we're able to give those clients face-to-face attention and local knowledge of the particular areas in which they are interested.


Our abstracting services are used widely by E&P companies looking for a thorough compilation of the records associated with their drilling programs. Providing all pertinent instruments in both physical and electronic form, as well as hyperlinking each document to a detailed run sheet, we've developed a process that provides an easy-to-use compilation for attorneys and landmen alike.