Developing markets in the natural gas and electric utility industry can be a complicated endeavor. Project Management through the CLS Group will simplify this process. CLS Group will manage the project from the inception of the ROW/Permitting phase all the way through Construction and Maintenance of the Transmission Line, once it is built.

Utility Services

CLS Group brings the expertise necessary to perform at a national level, staffing and managing any size land management project. CLS Group has the management, manpower, and technology to identify bottlenecks and critical dependencies in order to resolve problems throughout all phases of the project. Additionally, CLS Group will handle all administrative aspects of the project for the client, thus allowing clients the time to focus on more substantive and critical aspects of their business.

Community Development

CLS Group strives to ensure that all of its projects are thoughtfully integrated into the local environment. Throughout each phase of your project, CLS Group will actively participate in community meetings and gatherings in order to educate and involve the local community. CLS Group is extremely well connected with the Local, State and Federal Governmental Bodies. These relationships allow our projects to receive the attention necessary to ensure all timelines are met. It is our goal to ensure that everyone involved and affected by our operations understand the positive impact that new transmission lines along with renewable energy can have on their local economy and our nation as a whole.